June 11, 2019 at 8:39am | Dewey Hatcher
Steinhatchee holds a special place in the heart of Hatcher Realty. There is something about being on the gulf that resonates within. Perhaps it is the salty air or the laid back atmosphere. Maybe it is the sense of community in our small town and knowing everyone when you pull up to the local Jiffy Store. There is not a more exciting time than the summer and the busy season that comes with it. Scallop season (while it is hectic) really allows Steinhatchee to shine its brightest. Scalloping is fun for everyone, it is the "Easter Egg Hunt" of the Gulf.  Literally any age can do, we started taking our 3 month old twins out and they have turned out to be little water bugs  and love the Gulf as much as we do. We try to keep our small town the best kept secret, but truth is we love to share what Steinhatchee has to offer: Old scenic Florida, the best fishing/scalloping on the West coast, and the laid back vibes to just get away from it all. Hatcher Realty would love to see you here this summer and we know you will be "hooked" on our favorite piece of paradise.    

Video Credit: You Tube User: Myfidgeball Photo Credit: Anna King  


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